Mariners Clinic

About Us

Story of the Mariners Clinic

In 1977, the BC Chamber of Shipping identified a problem: crew members visiting the port of Vancouver had very few options for medical assistance. They approached Dr. L.A. Patterson, who was not only a talented physician, but also an ex-logger and retired Canadian Forces colonel. Along with a colleague, Dr. Patterson opened the humble Mariners Medical Clinic at 736 Granville St.

Initially, the clinic primarily treated sailors and a few loggers. Over time, the clinic grew and in 1986, it relocated to a larger facility at 1160 Burrard St. The clinic continued to evolve and attract new leadership, with Dr. Karon taking over in 1996.

Today, the Mariners Clinic has earned a reputation as a trusted medical resource for a wide range of clientele, including prominent names in cruises, shipping, rail, airlines, and law enforcement.

Dr. Stan Karon

Dr. Stan Karon was raised and medically trained in South Africa. He moved to Canada in the 80s and spent a decade as the doctor of small towns in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He moved to Vancouver in 1996 and took over the Mariners Clinic.



Mariners Clinic provides exceptional occupational medicine services to maritime, aviation, and all manner of professionals working in Greater Vancouver. With over 40 years of experience in occupational health we offer tailored medical services that support the overall well-being of employees and enable them to perform efficiently and safely. Our clinic is conveniently located, and we prioritize our customers' convenience while delivering high-quality healthcare services.