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Drug Testing

Drug Testing

At Mariners Clinic we offer a suite of drug testing services. From pre-employment screenings to post-accident testing and court ordered tests, all of our tests are certified dependable testing solutions designed to meet your needs accurately and efficiently. We also offer to create and run tailored workplace drug policies.

Please explore our offerings below. Our services are designed with reliability, cost-effectiveness and your convenience in mind.

We provide same or next day appointments. Many tests can be conducted at your location of choice anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Please call the office to make an appointment or to hear more about our services.


Drug testing employees in Canada is subject to specific rules and guidelines. It’s typically permitted for certain safety-sensitive positions or given reasonable cause and the testing must be conducted according to the law and privacy regulations. Employers should be aware of the legal requirements and restrictions surrounding drug testing to ensure compliance.

Workplace drug testing enhances safety by deterring substance abuse and reducing the risk of accidents. A drug-free environment also fosters higher productivity. In some industries, legal compliance mandates drug testing to meet regulatory standards. Furthermore, prompt action reduces the risk of legal liability in workplace incidents. In essence, drug testing contributes to a safer, more productive, and compliant work environment.