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Medical Checks for Working Abroad

Obtaining an international work visa often requires specific medical checks. For instance, some countries mandate proof of vaccinations as part of their visa criteria. Others, such as Saudi Arabia, require an assessment of the applicant’s overall health and certification they are free from infectious diseases. 

At the Mariners Medical Clinic, we offer many medical checks that are required to apply for international visas. From medical assessments to diagnostics (labs, X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs) and vaccinations, our clinic provides all the required services in one place. With convenient same or next-day scheduling, we aim to get you one step closer to your job abroad.

Individuals seeking a Seafarer Medical Fitness Certificate (ENG1) for employment on vessels in the UK and EU may fulfill this requirement by completing a Transport Canada Marine Medical. It is considered equivalent and holds validity for a duration of 2 years. See here.

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Our main focus is on occupational medicine for those working abroad. For questions about immigration, we recommend consulting with specialist. 

Certainly. Our clinic is equipped to administer vaccinations.