Mariners Clinic

Medical Care for Crewmen

Comprehensive and Convenient Medical Services for Sailors

At the Mariners Medical Clinic, we provide expedited medical care for sailors docked in port. Our experienced clinic understands the challenges faced by maritime professionals and we have tailored our services to address their healthcare needs. We offer timely and efficient health solutions without having to rely on public hospitals which can be slow and costly.

We collaborate with local shipping agents, who often initiate medical appointments for sailors. From medical assessments to diagnostics (labs, X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs), vaccinations, pharmacy access and drug testing, our clinic provides a wide range of services all in one place. If additional specialists are required, our contacts can help get an appointment. Finally, we assess sailors for fitness for sea duty. If they are unfit, they are flown home for ongoing care. 

Mariners are our specialty! If your crew requires medical attention, please do not hesitate to reach out the Mariners Clinic.


Yes. We are located above a local pharmacy, allowing us easy access to purchase medications.