Mariners Clinic

Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-Employment Medicals

At the Mariners Medical Clinic, we provide customized pre-employment medical assessments for employers. Pre-employment medical assessments help employers determine an applicant’s physical capabilities for a job and ensure workplace safety, employee well-being, and liability avoidance. They may also be taken by employees returning to work following an injury.

We provide same or next day appointments. We would also be more than happy to provide scheduled on-site medical examinations for multiple employees at your location anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area. Please contact us for more information or scheduling.

We have access to the full range of tests, from physical, to vision, hearing, urine tests and more.

Please contact the office to discuss us conducting a pre-employment medical for you.


Pre-employment medical exams are commonly required for jobs that are safety-critical, physically demanding or require specific health and safety considerations. Examples include first-responders, commercial drivers and construction workers.