Mariners Clinic

Railway Medicals

Licensed Transport Canada Railway Medical Exams

At Mariners Clinic we are licensed by Transport Canada to conduct Medical Assessments in compliance with the Railway Safety Act.

The medical involves obtaining a physical examination, hearing testing, vision testing and a simple urine test for diabetes and other kidney issues. It takes about an hour to complete. 

Your time is important to us. We provide Transport Canada with all the required information without the need for additional tests or involving the family doctor. This accelerates the license validation process and gets our clients back to work with minimum hassle. 

We provide same or next day appointments. We would also be more than happy to provide scheduled on-site medical examinations for multiple employees at your location anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area. Please contact us for more information or scheduling. 

Please call the office to make an appointment. 

You must bring the following to your appointment:


According to the Railway Medical Rules, every 5 years until the age of forty and every 3 years after that. Additional assessments may be required for individuals with specific medical conditions or those returning to work after a leave due to illness or injury.

For the most detailed and up-to-date information, you can find the Railway Medical Rules here.

Railway Medicals are key to ensuring the safety of all involved in the railway system. By assessing physical and mental fitness, these exams contribute to accident prevention, maintaining a safe work environment, and promoting the overall efficiency of railway operations.